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Advice for Potential Visitors


This will be a long evening and may be cold or even wet.  Make sure that you wear appropriate clothes and footwear (firesites may be muddy).  Sparks may fly from the bonfires and from the torches in the street processions so wear old clothes and protection goggles.

Your Health

If there is any possibility you may become unwell, make sure you bring your appropriate medication with you.  In particular, if you are asthmatic, make sure that you bring a full inhaler.  There is a lot of smoke around and the St John Ambulance regularly have problems with people suffering asthma attacks but who have not brought their inhalers. Please be warned that unexpected very loud bangs occur throughout and ear plugs/mufflers are strongly advised.


Do bring a reasonable amount of money.  You may wish to buy food and drink from the vendors and to contribute to the collections for charity which take place during the processions.  Do not, however, expect pubs to be open; some close entirely and many admit regulars only and have bouncers on the doors.  The existing Lewes Street Drinking Prohibition will be enforced.

Processions Timings

The first of the many processions starts at 5:10 pm and the last ends around midnight.  Programmes are on sale; however, largely because of the pressure of crowds in the streets, the proceedings are often delayed and no timings are guaranteed. When a procession approaches please clear the road and remain on the pavement until the procession has completely passed.


Never bring fireworks with you!  The police will very quickly remove you from the celebrations if you are seen to be letting off fireworks yourself. Please do not pick up discarded torches in the street, and prevent children from trying to do so.  At the tail of every procession there is a specialist team who will collect discarded torches.

Safety is everyone's responsibility - including yours!


Although a great deal of effort is directed into the safety aspects of Bonfire Night, fire and fireworks remain potentially dangerous. All persons should carefully note that attendance at Lewes on Bonfire Night will constitute volenti non fit injuria, that is to say you will be deemed to have accepted any risk of injury or damage whatsoever, and no claim in respect thereof will lie against the organisers.


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